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Why Do Business
with Trovac?

A Lucrative Development Program

The International development program is based on fair pricing policies that provide a healthy financial model with high profit margins. Complying with these pricing norms will guarantee you a steady increase of your capital.

Extensive Experience

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of central vacuum systems, and 25 years on the international market, Trovac will amaze you with their exceptional know-how and their support in the development of your market.

Quality First

As the industry leader in research and development Trovac will never cease to surprise you with new and improved products that will make your market thrive. Because Trovac offers top quality products, they also offer competitive warranties that will exceed your market’s needs,

Exceptional Service

As you will see, Trovac is dedicated to continuously offering high quality professional service to their partners and clients. Your satisfaction and success is our main source of motivation.

Development Program

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is simply a way to ensure your commitment when starting the international development program. It will essentially be used in order to assist you in the development of the Cyclo Vac brand image on your sales territory. Using the entrance fee, Cyclo Vac will provide you with high end marketing tools such as:

  • a professional website;
  • demonstration products;
  • exhibition and showroom material;
  • customized documentation;
  • brochures;
  • trainings;
  • etc.

Program Guidelines

The international development program is governed by several guidelines which ensure equity and satisfaction for all parties and thus the development of a long a fruitful business relationship.


The importer’s exclusive sales territory will be determined jointly, and specified in the business agreement. Trovac will enforce this exclusivity and will expect all its importers to respect the exclusivity of other importers’ sales territory.

Dealer network

Importers are encouraged to develop an extensive dealer network and to use it as they see fit to promote Cyclo Vac’s commercial activities throughout their sales territory.


A Cyclo Vac website featuring Trovac products exclusively will be supplied. The domain name will remain a property of Trovac Industries, so importers must understand that Trovac may make recommendations as to how the page will be managed.

Brand representation

Trovac takes great pride in protecting the Cyclo Vac brand. Therefore, we require that importers represent it in a truthful manner without any false commercial representation. Cyclo Vac has even established detailed graphic norms in order to protect the brand image, and so, if importers wish to produce their own marketing tools, we ask that they comply with our norms.

Orders and Payment

In order to ensure client satisfaction, payment conditions, ordering procedures, and delivery delays will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties at the beginning of the business relationship.


At Trovac, we take the confidentiality of our partner’s information very seriously. Therefore, a mutual confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties when entering the International Development Program.

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It is important to adapt your marketing strategy to your target clientele and to your market. Here are the key marketing activity that we recommend in order to establish your strategy and to develop your market:

  1. Identify and get to know your target clientele.
  2. Receive the necessary training about our products to prepare your sales team.
  3. Put up your showroom.
  4. Develop your marketing tools (brochure, flyers, posters, etc.)
  5. Set up your website.
  6. Make a big event or a promotion for the launch of your business.
  7. Start prospecting clients.
  8. Take part in commercial fairs and exhibitions.
  9. Follow-up on your sales and communications goals.

Rest assured, we work closely with all our partners to provide them the marketing tools they need and establish their communication plan. The proven success of our methods and our experience will contribute to making your promotional efforts more efficient.

Organisational Structure

In order to give you an idea of the various functions that your business will need to fulfill, we propose an organisational structure that covers the various activities required for the importation of our products. Note that this structure is provided strictly as a reference.


Pricing Structure

When establishing your pricing structure, Trovac will give you a lot of flexibility, because you will be the best person to adapt it to your market and take your competitors into account. Trovac’s business model will make this easy for you, and will allow you to offer competitive pricing while keeping high profit margins.

It is important for you to know that there are 3 different levels within your distribution network (yourself, your dealers and the end-consumers) and the prices must be established in order to see that you and your dealers have a sufficient profit margins.



When starting a new business, a few steps are mandatory, such as market study, marketing plan, recruiting, etc. These activities, which will pay off once you start your operations, require some investments.

In order to give you a more detailed view of the investment you should be ready to make, please consult our business plan, which details the important activities we recommend to start up a business in the central vacuum industry.

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10 Golden

Follow your business plan and put your trust in us! Here are our 10 entrepreneurship golden rules that will lead you straight to success!

  1. Work towards developing a strong dealer network and make time for prospection activities.
  2. You team is your most important asset! Motivate and mobilize your work force!
  3. Identify your sales force, establish the territories where you will be active.
  4. Set sales target, and position them in time.
  5. Select your marketing activities according to your target market and your goals.
  6. Discover and stay on top of your target customer profile.
  7. Make brand image one of your top marketing priority.
  8. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Discover which companies are in the same industry, whether they are local or international, and what their specialty is.
  9. Recognize the importance of customer service, professionalism and effective communication.
  10. Stay true to your mission and have fun!
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Asked Questions

?Is there and entrance fee to pay in order to represent the Cyclo Vac brand?
AThere is indeed an entrance fee that is required in order to become a Cyclo Vac importer/distributor. However, it is simply a way to ensure your commitment when starting the international development program. It will essentially be used in order to assist you in the development of the Cyclo Vac brand image on your sales territory. Using the entrance fee, Cyclo Vac will provide you with essential high end marketing tools.
?I’m ready to take the next step and fill out the contact form. How long will it take to receive feedback from Cyclo Vac?
AAfter filling out the form, you can count on us to get back to you within 10 business days.
?How long will it take before I receive my first order?
AThe time required to receive your first order will depend on many factors: your location, the quantities you order, the type of transportation employed, etc. In average, shipping containers overseas takes 2 to 3 months.
?What kind of responsibilities does market development entail?
AWe recommend that you refer to the business plan.
?Why build a business plan?
AWe strongly advise to build a business plan in order to determine each step of your project. This will allow you to get to know your environment and develop strong partnerships, and even obtain subventions and investments.
?Why conduct a market study?
AA market study is essential to understand the environment in which your business will evolve. It will allow you to get familiar with the factors that may have a direct impact on your commercial activities and the risks associated with them. We recommend that you refer to the “External Environment” section of the business plan in order to better understand the process in its details.
?How long does it take to develop a dealer network?
AThis may vary depending on the maturity of you market, your experience with central vacuum products, the time you make for prospection and your general experience in development. According to our experiences, dealer networks around the world may reach the number of 5 to 10 dealers in 3 years.
?Will there be a contract?
AIf the importer shows a strong interest and commitment to work on developing the brand in a given territory, a distribution agreement will have to be signed by both parties.
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You Already Have a
Dealer Network? Use It!

Trovac Industries offers a wide array of central vacuum products, including hoses, brushes, high quality fittings, motor units, collectors, dust bags, and various parts. It is also possible to order smaller quantities from our international distribution centers, with advantageous freight fees. While reducing the delivery delay, ordering from a distribution center on the same continent as you also makes it easier for you to offer the Cyclo Vac line of products to your dealer network!

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Testimonial from
International Distributors

“For me, the most important thing in a business partnership is good will, and we can vouch for Trovac’s. They show us their support in many ways, such as providing assistance in marketing for the translation of their many commercial documentation, which is a great help. On top of their support, they understand that developing a brand takes time and so they evaluate our numbers in a way that makes sense and not in a way that puts pressure on us. Most importantly, they offered us exclusivity of sales in Poland, which gives us a huge advantage because we have more latitude and we can adapt the way we represent Cyclo Vac to our own market in Poland. We’re very proud to be in business with Trovac.”

Jacek – Cyclo Vac Poland

“The brazilian market has really high standards and is very selective, specially when it comes to high-end products such as central vacuums. We believe that Trovac offers the best central vacuum products in the market by being innovative and for always looking into new technologies. They belive there’s always room for improvements, even when all they have is positive feedback. Their staff is very supportive and there is absolutely nothing you will ask that they won’t do with pleasure. Having a well-organized, strong and reliable supplier is essential in order for a distributor to be successful, and that’s why we chose Trovac to be ours.”

Fabio & Levon – Brazil