Let Cyclo Vac
Make Your Life Easier !

Vignette RetraFlex

Retraflex Retractable Hose

The retractable hose automatically
retracts inside the walls. No more hose to carry around!

Vignette Datasync


The DataSync technology offers
4 different power levels and signals recommended maintenance.

Vignette porte-poussière automatique

Automatic Dustpan

Essential tool to sweep dust and crumbs away. Open the dustpan with the tip of your toe, and make them disappear!

Vignette WallyFlex


This auxiliary hose is always within
reach to make small dry messes disappear.

Cyclo Vac, it’s...

Extensive experience

Of over 50 years, from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in Canada.

Quality first

Our central vacuums are entirely made in Canada and renowned worldwide for their durability, and exceptional performance.

Exceptional Service

We are dedicated to exceed the industry standards in terms of service by developing strong relationships with our partners.

bag and filters
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