Everything about central vacuums

Everything about central vacuums

This section briefly explains the many advantages and particularities of a central vacuum system:

What is it?

Central vacuum systems are very different from portable vacuum cleaners. Visit this section to learn how easy it is to use a central vacuum. [Learn more]


Equipped with cutting edge filtration systems, our vacuum units do not release any dust in the ambient air, thus offering you a healthier environment. Visit this section to discover the various types of filtration offered. [Learn more]

Filter and bag maintenance

Regular maintenance of the filtration system is recommended to ensure maximum performance of your central vacuum. [Learn more]

Practical Systems

With a central vacuum system, many auxiliary products are available to help you clean your home even more quickly and efficiently. Discover 4 practical cleaning solutions that are exclusive to central vacuums by visiting this section. [Learn more]

Cyclo Vac Expert

Before making a choice, here’s why it is of utmost importance for you to visit a Cyclo Vac Expert! [Learn more]


Central vacuums require installing a piping system generally within the walls. For more information on how to perform the installation in an existing home or in those under construction, visit this section. [Learn more]

How to choose

Choosing a central vacuum usually implies considering some very precise information in order to assess your needs. [Learn more]

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