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Units with bag

Vacuum GX Cut

These vacuum units, equipped with a disposable bag, are perfectly adapted for people suffering from allergies or who simply appreciate a quick and clean maintenance. The electrostatic bag, with an impressive capacity, imprisons dust for good, so you just need to throw it away, while keeping your hands clean!

Units with filters

Vacuum GX Cut

These units will surely satisfy your eco-friendly nature. With their washable and reusable filters, there is nothing to throw out except the debris vacuumed, and you’ll never have to buy any bags! Dust is separated from the air by a cyclonic action and deposited right at the bottom of the canister.

Hybrid models


Hybrid units can be used with or without a bag, at any time. Their versatile filtration system perfectly suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re out of bags and you don’t have enough time to go buy some more? No problem! Just remove the bag adaptor and you are ready to vacuum!

Carbon dust filtration

Carbon dust filter

Unique and exclusive to Cyclo Vac, this filter1 captures all the fine black dust produced by the motor; which would normally be rejected into ambient air and deposited on surfaces around the vacuum unit. Therefore, Cyclo Vac offers you superior ambient air quality and a healthier environment, so you can breathe easier!

1. Patented

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