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Installing a Central Vacuum System

Installation During Construction and Installation in an Existing Home

Central vacuums require installing a piping system generally within the walls in order to connect the unit to the inlets. Installing this piping network is very easy during the construction of the house and can also be done in existing homes or during renovations.

Installing the Retraflex Retractable Hose System

A conventional piping system is not suitable for the retractable hose. The installation of a retractable hose has to meet several requirements:

  • The piping system must be long enough to contain the total hose length.
  • Specific curves, throughout the piping, must be respected to keep the hose from automatically falling out of the inlet.
  • The number of elbows/fittings allowed is limited to make sure the hose retracts efficiently.
  • Specific elbows/fittings need to be used to connect the pipes between them, to allow the hose to smoothly glide inside the piping system.

This video shows the installation of a Retraflex® retractable hose system in a house under construction. Although this video goes into certain details, it is not exhaustive and it is of utmost importance to comply with all the manufacturer's recommendations found inside the Retraflex® installation manual.

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