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Our Values

Trovac Industries Ltd.


For us, it is important to always live up to our reputation. That is why, year after year, the quality of our products and customer service is our first priority.

Audacity and Tenacity

At Trovac, we’re not afraid to go ahead, take action, and be proactive. We are always looking for new challenges, to go one step further, to innovate. We go to great lengths to test and push the limits of our products by constantly making improvements.


We always have be proud of the products we put on the market: exclusive and innovative products that are manufactured in Quebec. If they do not meet our highest standards, we won’t sell them!

Mutual Aid

Here, the team effort is essential. We must all be ready to help each other and give our 100%. We all work together towards the same goal and everybody's work is important.

Dedication and Flexibility

We wish to constantly accommodate our customers and our ability to adapt to their needs is paramount for us.


All our customers must be treated in the same way, with respect, regard and dedication.

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