Who we are

Our Mission Statement

World leader in the central vacuum industry, Trovac designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide array of high quality products to meet the needs and expectations of a well-informed clientele. Backed by our 50 year experience in the vacuum cleaning field, we have proudly established the standards in terms of innovation, efficiency and reliability.

Within the context of globalization, encouraging new market development is one of Trovac’s priorities. Therefore, we make it our mission to offer continuous support and collaboration to entrepreneurs that wish to develop a distribution network and promote the Cyclo Vac brand abroad.

Our History

Here you can find a portrait of our evolution on the international scene throughout the years.

1960Foundation of Trovac Industries

1976Launch of the Cyclo Vac brand

1989Distribution center - Western Canada.

1990Distribution center - Treffieux, France


1997Important plant expansion

1999Norway, Poland, Germany

2002Denmark, Ukraine


2004United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden

2005Australia, Israel, USA, Romania, Netherlands

2006Bulgaria, New Zealand

2007Ireland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria

2008Czech Republic

2009South Africa, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Greece

2010Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, United Arab Emirated, Cyprus

2011Latvia, Azerbaidjan

2012Distribution center - Missouri, USA
Moldova, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy

2013Switch to “lean” manufacturing



7 Reasons to Do Business with a Cyclo Vac Expert

Before making a choice, here’s why it is of utmost importance for you to visit a Cyclo Vac Expert!

Professional advice, ADAPTED to your needs

You will be able to ask the real questions to a central vacuum expert, whose goal is to understand YOUR needs and recommend products that suit YOU.


Your product advisor will be glad to demonstrate the products you could be interested in. That way, you will be able to TRY them before making a choice.

RELEVANT and ACCURATE information

Our Expert will be able to explain all his recommendations and to give you a maximum of information on his products, thus allowing you to make an informed decision.

All these services are included in your purchase experience, at the same small price that you would find in a department store.

Moreover, by purchasing from a Cyclo Vac Expert, you will have access to other exclusive advantages:


With a Cyclo Vac Expert, you are in good hands! Most will perform the installation themselves, in compliance with all provincial legislation.


Cyclo Vac Experts remain at your disposal to answer all your questions even after your purchase. They will be able to guide you in the use and maintenance of your system.

SIMPLE and fast after-sale service

On top of offering reliable products with exceptional warranties, our Experts have the skills required to make repairs directly in their store and are even able to receive replacement parts within a day.

Manufacturer’s ACCESSIBILITY

As the manufacturer and supplier of the Cyclo Vac products, we make sure that our Experts receive immediate service, with the least intermediates, so as to serve you even more efficiently.

Finally, here’s a service on which your can TRULY count!

bag and filters