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Wet/Dry Collector Wave

Wet/Dry Collector Wave
  • wave wave
  • Wave wet & dry collector Wave wet & dry collector Wave wet & dry collector
  • Easy to install
  • Stainless steel body
  • 1 or 2 users at the same time
  • No maintenance required, no filters to be cleaned
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • Empties automatically

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It is equipped with our No-Splash System: a deflector prevents whirlpools from forming inside the Wave which in turn decreases the possibility of any water or foam reaching the vaccum intakes or the motor(s). It is very sanitary: there's an automatic rinse cycle after every drainage to eliminate dirt particles and scum formation. There is no motor in the unit itself: you can use it with our HD motor heads or any central vaccum unit. Creating a fully automatic, self-cleaning, and self-flushing system has never been so easy and affordable!

*It is important to buy a set of entry and exit of air at the purchase of the Wave


Wet/Dry Collector Wave
AirwattsNot applicable
DecibelsNot applicable
Air flow (CFM | CMH)0 | 0
Water lift H2O (in | mm)0 | 0
MAX watts Not applicable
TurbinesNot applicable
Bag capacity (gal US | l)5.13 | 23.3
Canister capacity (gal US | l)0 | 0
Height (in | cm)36 | 91.44
Diameter (in | cm)15.5 | 39.37
Weight (lb | kg)26 | 11.79

The Essentials

bag and filters