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Retractable Hose System

« Finally, my vacuum
hose is always
within reach

when needed. »

The Retraflex® hose retracts into the same piping network used by your central vacuum, not taking any added space within the walls.

Central vacuum system in house

Completely new pull-out handle system

One action to operate!
Automatically starts when handle is pulled

Ergonomic and easy to pull.

Retraflex handle

Cleaning Simplified

Pull out hosePull out the length of hose you need at the moment and connect the attachments of your choice.

Pull on the black handlePull on the black handle to start the system and to lock the hose at the desired length.

Push the handlePush the handle to unlock the hose.

Placez la main sur l'embout du flexibleDisconnect the attachments and put your hand over the opening to allow the hose to retract.

hand over the opening to allow the hose to retractClose the door to stop the system.

The DataSync Technology

Cyclo Vac is proud to introduce you its DataSync technology. This one of a kind innovation allows the selection between 4 power levels, and its Synchronized Data Monitors indicate when comes time to empty the canister or change the bag. They even indicate when maintenance is required!

This information is displayed both on the hose handle and on the LCD monitor situated on the front of the central vacuum.

bag and filters